Preliminary Gallery –

Prep & Fun Stuff can be a perfect launch to storytelling . . . involving a little light planning of resources . . . . not to mention life locales and eye candy . . . en route to your storytelling objectives.

         Getting Started–

We all need a comfortable place to start . . . so just find yours. You could start with a list of mini "stories" you want to tell – that you can write and organize later (see the Lifebook); or you could list your "life locales" – all the places you've ever lived (see Maps). Life locales is a GREAT way to organize your photos and other resources, etc.; or you could start by doing a simple inventory of your photos, memorabilia, docs, hobbies, collections, and artifacts – that you can organize down the line.  The message here is Start NOW . . . and organize LATER!


These examples are from our "Milestones" department.