MAPS . . . think "Life Locales" . . . can be the hit of the production.

Have a look at the next few MAPS examples . . . including "Walk-in" Maps and "Fly-in" Maps – that look and work almost as they sound.

More importantly – from a PLANNING standpoint – go back and look at LIFEBOOK concepts, if you can . . . specifically among the facets of Story TIMElines . . . and you'll see that making a list of "Life Locales" (every address where you've ever lived) – is often a very NATURAL and LINEAR way to START . . . to organize a life . . . and to organize the artifacts that describe it.

You'll find that your organization of Photos, Documents, Videos, and other artifacts can be gathered, staged, and sequenced around these geographic "Life Locales" . . .  in order.

For example, here's a project "Menu" built specifically around Life Locales – in order – seventeen of them in all – in this example. But no minimum or maximum is required!

Kathy's World 600.JPG

In this example, all family photos and other artifacts generic to the work were gathered, staged, and sequenced around the 17 Life Locales in Kathy's World.  

Each locale is well represented  . . . and with the click of a button – navigationally obvious.

The simplest Map treatments are individual maps – often showing a family home or any other location in a specific, geographical (and mapped) location, with full attribution and thanks! – often go to the magic of Google Maps and Google Earth, with the destination image supplied by the storyteller who wants to remember a special place.

Picture "Walk-in" maps – in a sequence of Eight – from the World View – to North America – to the Western Region – to California – to the Santa Barbara area – to the Santa Barbara Mesa – to a Mesa neighborhood, right down to a specific subject locale or address.

The examples here show the sequenced, step-in maps . . . one through eight . . . to a very specific address in Santa Barbara . . . 


The resulting destination is usually a "hub" – As Many of the photos and artifacts that follow are often associated with this locale or address.  

Each map in the stepped, animated sequence can be accessed for study independently, and the last image (the locale itself) – is usually a favored image you'll supply. And we'll do the rest!

Stepped, "Walk-in" Maps can be done from the World View to an address . . . or between two addresses. In this way, a production can include several "Walk In" Maps – usually to Life Locales – with following photos, captions, voice captions, videos, documents, and artifacts associated with that address or locale.  


"Fly-in" Maps include 30 or 60-frame-per-second Destination Zooms from the World View to a specific locale or address. Please see "Fly-in" Map examples in the several squares . . . including Hawaii, Alaska, Santa Barbara, and Switzerland. Enjoy!

Remember the objective . . . adding geographical CONTEXT  to your stories.


The cost of adding Mapping Treatments depends on how many finished maps you need – but can cost as little as $9.95 per map. Stepped, "Walk-in" maps in 8-image sets ending at a specified destination address start at $89. "Fly-in" maps start at $129. Combination Fly-in/Walk-in maps start at $189, and go from the World View to a specific address or locale.