But it's a GOOD thing!

1) You have a story to tell (or you suspect you do) . . . or you likely wouldn't be here; 2) You probably want something of yourself to leave behind. Who knows exactly what – but something; 3) You realize that you have a totally unique perspective on the world – a perspective like NO one else quite has; and finally – 4) You ARE the foremost expert on your life. There is no other!

We can easily agree. You need to tell YOUR story. Because clearly NO one else can do it. No one.

If you need another reason, we have one that we've been saving for just this one occasion. As so much of the wisdom you've accrued, the knowledge you've learned, and the conclusions about life you've drawn . . . MUST be saved – and told. These things are literally the Harvest of your Life. And YOUR Harvest (NOT easily won, you might agree) . . . is to advantage those you choose!    

Very FEW among us would plant the seeds, tend and water and feed the crop – and watch it grow – then LEAVE THE FIELD . . . just at the moment of Harvest! What a waste THAT would be!

Unless you're one of such a VERY few (who knew?!)  . . . we can agree: your story must be told!

You don't need to tell it TO us, or even THROUGH us. We'd love to help – but whether you work with us or not . . . we'll be very happy if we've played a minor role in helping you see it through. 

Do it for those you'll leave behind. You're actually obligated now . . . to pass on the BEST of what you've learned, the BEST of what you've come to feel and understand, and the BEST advice you can possibly impart – on a whole range of subjects. Though the subjects are of your choosing.

For "best results" – do it while you're able. Do it while your memory is on your side. And do it while your motivation to optimize the value of your Harvest is still so strong. And it IS still strong – or (we might suggest – and do suggest) . . . that you wouldn't even BE here!

So now you know the "Why?" . . . as though you hadn't already thought about it on your own.

We're prepared to show you "How?" with an easy swing around our site. Check our "Starts" to see where you might fit. Or free-wheel it – and start any where and in any way that just feels right. But Start! Check in with our free knowledge base at "Story U" –  also on the Main Menu. Articles there include basic-to-advanced training – hints & tips – & lots of good ideas on how to capture, develop, and share what you might come to value most . . . the Harvest of your Life!