Let's go ahead and bring it in.

One would NEVER take the time to plant the seeds, nourish and tend the crop – and watch it grow . . . and then . . . when it's ripe and ready to harvest . . . leave the FIELD!

So when your harvest is ready to bring in . . . even if it's a PARTIAL harvest . . . bring it in!

This means all your best . . . photos, slides, music, movies, memorabilia, documents, awards . . . and the proceeds of your hobbies, interests, or collections. Gather all the best of what you have and what you've saved . . . specifically for this purpose. It's what bringing in the harvest is about!

For more DETAIL on Gathering . . . check in with our free knowledge base at "Story U." Articles there include basic-to-advanced training – hints & tips – & plenty of ideas on how to plan, organize, and prepare the Harvest.

With not much I would care to leave behind.