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1 What am I doing here?

You must be curious about storytelling – or about making a memory for someone – or BOTH!

2 What are YOU doing here?

We're the originators of the company – and are simply motivated to help. So we'll do our best to answer your questions as completely and as accurately as we can, based on our experience.

3 Where do I begin?

It's the first question for almost all of us – because no subject is bigger than life . . . :-)! You may not be able to go to a starting spot unless you have at least a general idea of where you're going. So we recommend poking around our site a little, and some things may clarify as you see some of the possibilities . . . especially things that can be done now in the digital realm.

4 Where am I going with this?

Only you can know, depending on your Objective and your Budget. We have several ways you can look at these alternatives. First, check the OVERVIEW pages to see the range of opportunity, check the STARTING choices for perspective, and see the HARVEST to see Work Samples in several major categories – from simple, online GREETINGS – to digitized ALBUMS, SCRAPBOOKS and MILESTONES . . . to WEBSITES . . . to BOOKS, E-Books, and Audiobooks.

5 What if I don't want to buy anything?

It's fine not to buy anything. You're very welcome to learn what you can from our website – as we aren't shy about sharing our experiences in the vast and varied aspects of greetings, storytelling, legacy building and remembrance.

6 But what if I do?

As much as we had hoped to automate our work, the fact is, the custom nature of the task needs close collaboration – sometimes temporarily – and sometimes happily longer. Either way, we're very responsive and conversant in E-Mail, and if we need to talk by phone, we'll most likely know.

7 How will I know what it costs??

We'll tell you in advance and in detail . . . as nothing will be done without your approval. Note that many of our work samples include descriptions of what a specific kind of treatment costs.

8 How can we work together?

Easily, we hope. Just tell us what you have in mind and we'll quote a cost. If you would, go to our Contact Page and we'll at least start our conversation there.

9 How do you handle shipping?

Fast! We use 2-day UPS for EVERYthing physical . . . mainly disks and thumb drives. But – since most things we help you do are DIGITAL, or are on the WEB, or can be conveyed via E-Mail, there's usually not a lot of "shipping" involved.

10 More Questions??

You'll find subject-specific questions and answers in subject-specific places around the site. If there's something we don't seem to answer, just head for our Contact Page, where you'll have a response 1n 24 hours or less – on weekdays.