You're the only one who sees it just this way.

Take a look around you . . . wherever you happen to be.

No matter where you are, we guarantee that NO ONE sees it quite like YOU do. Your perspective is unique. It's different. Often VERY different. You might not agree with this – at first. As many feel – who cares about MY life? I'm not a Rhodes Scholar or a Quarterback in the NFL. I'm not a LOT of things, you'll say. But what you are is different – VERY different from everyone on earth!

So celebrate your difference – like Mark Twain did! Here's a story you may not know, and it might make all the difference in seeing your own perspectives as unique:

A paddle-wheel steamer needs at least 12 feet of river below it – as a safe depth for comfortable clearance. So the leadsmen, as they were called, would cast down a “sounding” line with a weight on it. The sounding line had a knot every six feet (every fathom) – and the leadsman would holler the depth to the pilot . . . by “mark.” That is, mark four meant FOUR fathoms (or 24’) deep. Mark three meant THREE fathoms (18’ deep), and for that critical, TWO-fathom depth (12’) – do you see what’s coming? – MARK TWAIN! And there it was.

No one but river boat pilots (or Leadsmen) would know this particular significance. So Samuel Clemens took the pen name "Mark Twain" (for safe passage) – that only a river pilot would know.

His perspective was his difference . . . and it became his life-long branding.

Your perspectives are as different as Samuel Clemens' were. So don't discount them! Check our "Starts" to see where you might fit. Or . . . start anywhere you like . . . as there's no RIGHT way to Start. The only WRONG way is not to Start at all. For more . . . check in at "Story U" –  also on the Main Menu. Articles there include basic-to-advanced training – hints & tips – & lots of good ideas on capturing YOUR unique perspectives – on the way to bringing in the Harvest of your Life!