Pick an artifact – and tell the story it suggests.

One day when you have a few minutes to yourself (. . . could it be now?) look around the house – or around the room. Find something that has a special meaning for you, and verbally tell a story around it, even if it's to yourself. Write down the story, even in primitive form. It's your 1st draft!

If it feels good – do it again. The "Show & Tell" approach to storytelling can often be successful – sometimes beyond your wildest dreams! Turning up a whole SERIES of stories you can refine and organize later. So just look around . . . Find, tell, write, and repeat . . . You may be on your  way!

The watch above belonged to 1LT Selby Ansel Dotters, Jr. – who piloted his B-25 on 72 missions in the Philippines during WWII, & survived to incorporate his pilot's "wings" into his watchband – which he wore for most of the rest of his life.

 If only this watch could talk . . . the stories it would tell.