This is the really FUN part . . . you'll see.

First, you'll be surprised at how EASY it is to control the look and feel (the fonts, the colors, the backgrounds, etc.) of the HARVEST you're about to create.

Second, you'll be blown away by what can be done with DIGITAL resources. Including on-screen BLOW-ups, VOICE-captioned pictures, magical TRANSITIONS, the use of music and movie clips – ALONG with text and photos – all in a single production.

Finally, the MEMORIES you can make – and capture – and (as you will) organize, enhance, edit, refine, retouch, caption, identify, frame – and finally SHARE . . . are worth their weight in gold to your friends, fans, and family.  

For more DETAIL on Processing . . . check in with our free knowledge base at "Story U." Articles there include basic-to-advanced training – hints & tips – & plenty of ideas on how to improve, refine, organize, and creatively DEVELOP your stories . . . in DIGITAL or ANALOG form.

We're havin' some fun now.