The simplest project is a greeting card.

Remember that you can "MAKE" a memory for someone else . . . though it could well be for you!

In this case, the recipient milestone birthday girl has always been a lotus lover . . . so we found a graphic . . . and added her name. The fun part is that every greeting is a 2-part greeting. The first part is the traditional greeting card (with envelope). The second part is a matching WEB PAGE! – that can be expanded. The sender can alert the recipient of the Web Address right on the card!

You can find more on this example in the MILESTONES galley.

The owner of this album (now an All-Digital album) – which is also on a Website – had lots of wedding PICTURES . . . but had never done an actual wedding ALBUM. Her two sons were themselves planning weddings – so it was "time" to develop (and give to her sons) her OWN wedding album. Eons ahead now . . . just because it's digital. You'll see why as you progress.

You can find more on this example in the ALBUMS gallery.

Each of the graphics above – along with the text that describes them – is a story component –  looking to be a "Chapter" in a much larger story. In fact, the "Wings" above are the very ones that were made into the WATCH you might have seen in the first "Show & Tell" story start. As these components show – one story can easily become two or three – in almost no time at all.

You'll find more on this example in the WEBSITE gallery.

The combination of a BOOK (in this case, in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle E-Book, & AudioBook formats) and a WEBSITE. Wherein the Book (and only the book) in all of its formats – carries the essence of the story. While the Website carries massive additional detail . . . including MANY more photos & artifacts, bios & backgrounds, author perspectives & observations, plus audio & video files . . . that could never be published in a physical book. But are available 24/7/365 – all over the world, by anyone with a standard browser.

This is really more of a "Full Harvest" approach . . . though it started as a "project."  You'll find more on this example in the BOOK & TANDEM PUBLISHING gallery.