Almost everyone has existing Photo Albums & Scrapbooks – that someone (maybe you?) has already organized; probably in a linear (but static) format.  The content may be perfect, but in terms of holding the interest of kids and grands (who are used to the sound and fury of video games), regular "turn-the-page" Albums & Scrapbooks may seem a little dull.

Our objective is to change all that . . .  first, because digitizing the essence and content of your one-of-a-kind originals can allow you to easily and inexpensively share them on a disk or in the cloud.

Nothing can ever replace the original – but digitizing can bring your existing works to LIFE – by A) improving, clarifying, & sometimes titling & resizing key content; by B) adding music, sound, and often motion; by C) adding buttons to trigger pop-up captions (even VOICED captions) or to display instant enlargements of key pictures or images; by D) adding updated photos & content; and by E) adding page transitions of your choice.   


These examples are from our "Milestones" department.