Recovered Vinyl Recordings • © Mabel S. Hayden!

Have a listen to beautiful, original piano music – on Vinyl from 1931.

It was well loved, but in a pile of dust. And it was screaming to be saved and digitized. So the grooves were professionally cleaned and now Hayden's Piano is remembered in digital format.

Enjoy all eight examples, carefully remastered.


The cost of audio archiving depends on the complexity of the project, the quality and volume of the original media, and the time involved in building it into easily navigable, sharable files.

Here's a hint: save a copy on a disc or on a thumb drive – and keep it in your safe deposit box!

This rescue and production was originally done for navigation in Keynote on the Mac, but for convenience are reproduced here as a YouTube movie. Navigation and selection in YouTube involves rolling over the movie (to reveal the YouTube controls), then scrolling through the red progress bar to find the cut you want. 

This project was based on an AUDIO album. Check some of the VISUAL albums, too!