In a  subject NO one knows like you do. 

The fact is, NO one has lived your life, or learned exactly what YOU've learned – or experienced.

That makes YOU the foremost expert on your life! . . . bar None!

Just think what that means . . . it means that while LOTS of people are experts on a wide array of different subjects . . . NO one knows (or could even pretend to know) . . . the life you've lived! 

This one subject –  YOUR World – belongs to you . . . and to you alone.

It's literally Your World! And NO one could possibly see it – or tell it – like you can. And in fact, no one should. After all, this opportunity belongs to you – and to you alone. Through this one stroke of "right" in the universe . . . you get to tell it like you want it to be told . . . so it can be heard in the way you want it to be heard. And note . . . that this is true about NO other subject in life!

So there it is. Reach out and TAKE the opportunity while it exists. After all . . . it's Your World!

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