What does this mean?


It means that everything we’ve learned in forty years has informed our view of storytelling.

We aren’t new at this. Day One is an entrepreneurial-oriented advertising agency. We’ve been doing agency-quality organization, research, strategy planning, and graphic design since we began in 1976; software interface and electronic design since 1986; and website design since 1995.

Storytelling (and the skillsets it requires – not only analog, but digital) has been in our DNA since we began – driving our “tandem” approach to communication. Every major Photoshop or Apple Developers or Branding conference we’ve ever attended is brought to bear on everything we do.

Typical entrepreneurial regard for budgets and timelines is not only central in our wheelhouse; it’s been a constant necessity of our specialty in launches and startups . . . from Day One.   

It means that our long heritage in storytelling will be to your advantage.