Photo Retouching can add extreme personal value!

We were always used to whatever quality came back from Kodak film – processed in Drug Stores. When "retouching" was something only professional photographers could afford.

But no more. Storytelling – and the PHOTO resources it so often requires – can be retouched now much more affordably. So the treasured family portraits on the piano or mantle . . . don't need to be the ONLY ones (though they may be among the first) to be restored, enhanced, digitized, and shared . . . if not used immediately in an Electronic Family Album or movie.

This section is all about what "can be done." . . . some of it is so easy it may surprise you.

The simplicity of retouching is often just a boost in contrast – while the far side – a "restoration" can get more complicated. But in the middle are DOZENS of opportunities to make SIGNIFICANT improvements in images where you never could before. Where often a very MINimal investment of time is all it takes.

A good thing to do before you formalize your images in storytelling or publishing venues. 


Billy Pair.JPG

This old "album" shot is actually somebody's DAD, so it was well worth a little contrast  bump, and some simple spot retouching. It's DAD, after all . . . and he  deserves to look his best!


Ivanelli Pair.JPG

This more contemporary shot was so simply fixed with deeper contrast. That's all it took.

Blinker Pair.JPG

There's usually a blinker in every group. Someone who usually appreciates it when a photographer clicks off an alternative, just in case somebody blinked! 

Piper Pair.JPG

The richness here was actually "in" the original drug store print, but it had seriously faded, and (but for Photoshop) would have faded right into oblivion!

The House Pair.JPG

This one was slightly more complicated. 

It started as a simple scan of a turn -of-the-century house – built by hand by our client's Grandfather and his wife . . . then in the light of high resolution – out POPS this little boy, literally from the shadows! He turned out to be our client's DAD . . . and no one in the family had even SEEN him in this picture, which they'd always thought was of the HOUSE!.


Our retouching rates are reasonable, especially where multiple images are involved, and when  there's no crashing urgency for completion. We always estimate work in advance – and we always provide you with the digital proceeds in the media of your choice. 

But do check some of the specific examples in this section!