But the picture included a big SURPRISE!!!!

It was a NEW house . . . built by hand  . . . by the hands of our client's Grandparents . . . near the turn of the century . . . and worthy of a picture for that alone!

The House 1000.JPG

But look more closely. The treasure was hiding in the shadows!


We did a high-rez scan, as we usually do . . . and out popped a little surprise! A boy – our client's FATHER – had been hiding in plain sight. The print was even printed fairly large (8x10!) . . . yet over many years . . . no one had ever seen him in the picture!

The House Pair.JPG

A high-rez SCAN delivered an unexpected surprise.

This is not the first time we've discovered unexpected CONTENT in an otherwise (seemingly) unremarkable picture. But it happens – usually after high-rez scans of usually smaller pictures, where the blow-up on a computer screen reveals previously unseen information!     

Roll over the image above to see the little boy . . . who had been hiding in the shadows . . .

Our retouching rates are affordable, especially when multiple images are involved. 

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