Retouching of Family Portraits!

We can always leave them as they are . . . for "authenticity!"

But the fact is, so many years of light, heat, and humidity have often had their way with our most beloved family portraits. And if our heart is in "preservation," we usually want to do it right. 

Billy Pair 1000.JPG

BEFORE, left . . . AFTER, right.


Especially since (once the retouching is done on a DIGITAL image) it will never degrade. So any investment in an UPgrade will stay that way . . . as digital images just don't fade!

Billie Before.JPG

When you look closely, especially after years, album prints pick up every speck of dust and every inadvertent thumbprint that was so lovingly left behind.

Scanning and digital retouching are usually the answer, especially if your images are important for publishing or remembrance in almost any form. The image above was clarified – that is, dust and other anomalies were removed – before it got a boost in basic CONTRAST. 

Roll over the image above to see the difference.

Our retouching rates are affordable, especially when multiple images are involved. 

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