The ten-mile-up, deep-breath view is that everything you're about to see will help you gather, organize, develop and share the greatest and most important Harvest of your Life!

Aimed at preserving your memories, observations, and conclusions – about the best of life – this work (which won't be like "work" at all – you'll see) will, for best results – be shared in two forms, complementing each other in TANDEM . . . the physical, analog form (from Greetings to Books) – accompanied by matching, usually deepened treatments in electronic, digital form (from simple, matching E-Greetings . . . to short E-Stories . . . to potentially massive, book-supporting Websites).    

There's no need to "Start" here . . . as it's more important (just now) to launch – into whatever may interest you most. But be sure to come BACK here – when you can – as like the old hands say about any creative or building adventure . . . it's better to measure TWICE . . . and cut ONCE

Storytelling should include a little VOICING . . . that is . . . while photos & captions are great –      as they're the workhorse basis of sharing memories, nothing (worth repeating . . . nothing) is better or more valuable than hearing stories in the words (and in the voice) of the storyteller.

While this aspect of things may seem trivial – it's not. You'll find that mapping Life Locales is as significant as identifying them. As you page through our examples, you'll see that mapping gives a CONTEXT that nothing else provides. It can also be the framework for story organization.

Not every photo is a candidate for illustration. Yet . . . illustrative treatments (if done right) can enhance a mood or feeling or expression. You'll find that even gray-day, otherwise less interesting photos can come to LIFE . . . projecting real Gravitas . . . when the right technique is well applied.

Retouching can bring CLARITY and FOCUS, increasing VALUE. Digital retouching can reverse the ravages of time, of course. But well beyond that . . . simple removal of plants behind a head, light switches from a wall, and grease stains from a driveway can make a good photo GREAT!

Repeating Sub.JPG

Almost anything good is worth repeating. Sometimes – especially when grandkids are involved – repeating can turn into pinwheeling, which can turn into animated spinning, which can help inspire even the most jaded of grandkids to look at adults anew . . . rendering us less predictable!

Cartoons have a way of simplifying even the most complicated thoughts. And the right cartoons can change impressions, lighten the mood, mainstream a concept, and show that we really Don't take ourselves so seriously. Used judiciously, cartoons can lighten & brighten almost any story. 

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There's always more . . . as we discover, refine & deploy new ways to push the storytelling envelope – on the way to creating lasting memories that are really meant to be left behind.

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