In many ways, it was the Lifebook (and its originator – a Day One client) that was the beginning of Story of my Life, and was the first example of Tandem Publishing.

Starting with the idea of remembering "Favorites of Everything," the Lifebook became a collection of 45 Chapters of memory "prompts" on major life subjects from cradle to grave.

45 Chapters.JPG

You can go to school on Lifebook simply by noting the "Chapters" above . . . or you can download a free copy of "Favorites" – Chapter 13C (below). Or . . . for a better look, try the page on the "Lifebook Start" . . . a pulldown choice from the main "Starts" menu. Click here!


The cost of Lifebook software is $19.95 . . .

This cost is often waived when you involve us in a larger project.