Illustrative Photography can be a real eye opener!

There are times – actually many times – when the original photo can't be beat.

So to those who disparage "illustrative software" – we'll be the first to admit that they're often right. But consider, if you will, that there are times when a "feeling" or a "sense" or an "image" of a subject is more important than absolute clarity or "photo" focus.

In fact, we've found that while portraits actually CAN be enhanced . . . with different textures and treatments (depending on your objectives) – it's often your more plebeian shots (sometimes your most "common" shots) that are the best candidates for illustrative modification.

The feeling of "value" is always in the eye of the beholder . . . there are a million ways to do it – and most of them don't work. So it's a good idea to look through a number of ALTERNATIVES to find just the image you want.

Here's a hint. Let us try some disparate alternatives – casting a wide net – even though some of the images just don't work. But you won't know which ones WILL . . . until you see them.

Ula Group of 35.JPG

Next step . . . refine your choices . . .

. . . down to a precious few . . .

Ula Six.JPG

Then compare your favorite(s) to your original.

Ula Two.JPG

Compare your favorite(s) to your original . . . and chances are . . . you'll know.

In any case, Ula (above) will always be one cute puppy!


The cost of making choices among illustrative photo treatments depends on how many actual illustrative treatments we do. Until you either find an image that WORKS – or you realize that none of them will. Or . . . maybe you'll want to try another original.

Illustrative photo treatments (if you finally choose one) start at $19.95 – from an initial selection of 9 to 12. If you aren't enamored of any of them, we'll do it all again (with no increase in price).

After that (assuming we have credible alternatives still on the bench) new rounds are $10 each – up to two more rounds of choices. So you'll never pay more than $39.95 for a final, single image. 

But do check some of the other illustrative examples!