It was a "His" and "Hers" composite!!

The GIFT was a gathering, retouching, & treatment of the composite.

A number of images were involved (on both sides of the match), and while some minor retouching and color adjustments were done on several, the central "Hero" was the most important.

thepair 1000.JPG

Original (dark & dreary) left . . . Lightened, Brightened right.


This was a VERY quick and easy retouching adjustment . . . but it was the "Hero" image – and the results show how important it was to do!

Roll over the image above to see the difference.

The final composite went to London for the wedding, & was conveyed on disc as well . . .  


And as we always say: . . . "One for the safe deposit box!"

There is nothing like a Big Italian Wedding in London . . . :-)!  

Our retouching rates are affordable, especially when multiple images are involved. 

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