A whole story organization built around Life Locales.

There are many ways to "organize" and "navigate" a story . . . but our client saw Life as a box of chocolates (. . . remember Forrest Gump?) . . . each of which represented a Life Locale . . . 


They drop into the screen . . . one at a time . . . in order, ultimately revealing the entire journey. You can see the animation behind the example on the Web and Presentation section of this site – as this example is to show one idea for using MAPPING as a means of organization . . .

KW Menu850.JPG

The cost of adding Mapping Treatments depends on how many finished maps you need – but can cost as little as $9.95 per map. Stepped, "Walk-in" maps in 8-image sets ending at a specified destination address start at $89. "Fly-in" maps start at $129. Combination Fly-in/Walk-in maps start at $189, and go from the World View to a specific address or locale.