Armed and dangerous!!

OK, this was a bit of a spoof  . . . and involved more "treatment" than straight "retouching."

Sometimes a blatant "enhancement" works best. and in this case, "authenticity" was exactly what we were seeking. The original photograph got us part way there . . .


Original Photo, left . . . "Treatment," right.


In the overall scheme of things . . . and in the context of the story . . . the "Treatment" did the rest.


To be honest, and in the final analysis . . . we think these people were FRAMED.

The moral is, even when it's just for fun (and ESPECIALLY when it's just for fun), a little light photo manipulation, or retouching, or image mismanagement . . . may be JUST the ticket!  

Our retouching rates are affordable, especially when multiple images are involved. 

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