Pinwheels are crazy fun! The technique is not for everyone, but it can instantly elevate the significance and value of any photograph. Just watch how it builds from a single photograph . . . to a repeat . . . to a traditional card . . . to an animated, spinning VIDEO. The proceeds are limited only by your imagination . . . and are expanded instantly when you choose just the right photo!

Producing a tandem (analog & digital) greeting that your recipient won't soon forget!

We'll start with a specific image . . .

Tanner7 CompositeC copy 2.JPG

. . . then do a repeat . . . with enough repeats to make a "circle" . . .

5-Part Rose.JPG

Then use the circle as a frame . . . to produce a traditional CARD! – (or Picture)!


The Card delivers the WEB address . . . that delivers the Movie!

And it all came from an original photograph!


We call her Ms. GRAPEtongue! 

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