Illustrative Photography can be a real eye opener!

You may have seen other versions of Illustrative Photo techniques on other pages.

This one (above and below) is in a definite "Watercolor" style. Where again, the beauty (when you compare the original to the proceeds) . . . is in the eye of the beholder. But where this is an good example of making a really an almost painterly  Watercolor from an ordinary photograph. 

Buckboard Pair.JPG

Original right . . . Watercolor left.


The cost of making choices among illustrative photo treatments depends on how many actual illustrative treatments we do. Until you either find an image that WORKS – or you realize that none of them will. Or . . . maybe you'll want to try another original.

Illustrative photo treatments (when you choose one) start at $19.95 – from an initial selection of 9 to 12. If you aren't crazy about any of them, we'll do it all again (with no increase in price).

After that (assuming credible alternatives are still on the bench) new rounds are $10 each. But you'll never pay more than $39.95 for a final, single image. 

But check some of the other illustrative examples!