Pinwheels are crazy fun! The technique is not for everyone, but it can instantly elevate the significance of any photograph for image Just watch how it builds from a single image . . . to a Traditional Card . . . to a spinning VIDEO. The proceeds are limited only by your imagination . . . and are expanded instantly when you choose just the right starting image!

"Story" is a Day One company . . . so it's a satisfying, full-circle engagement to think of applying a "Story" technique to something like this . . . that's been a seasonal Day One Wreath (and image) for more than forty years! That's a lot of turns of the wreath!

We started with this already-repeated image . . .

Day One Wreath 1000.JPG

. . . and used it on everything from greeting cards to cookie tins to wrapping paper & package tags . . . and in color combinations from white on black to white on red to gold on white.


Then we went spinning off . . .

. . . into media that takes a certain amount of unapologetic fun in simply revolving images . . .

And in this case, it all came from the original Day One logotype!

If you have a logo, we could SPIN it for you! . . . so you could spin it on your own website!


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