Illustrative Photography can be a real eye opener!

You may have seen other versions of Illustrative Photo techniques on other pages.

This one is in more of the "Woodcut art" style. Where again, the beauty (when you compare the original to the proceeds) . . . is in the eye of the beholder.

Lanceman Two.JPG

Original Left . . . Woodcut right.


The cost of making choices among illustrative photo treatments depends on how many actual illustrative treatments we do. Until you either find an image that WORKS – or you realize that none of them will. Or . . . maybe you'll want to try another original.

Illustrative photo treatments (when you choose one) start at $19.95 – from an initial selection of 9 to 12. If you aren't crazy about any of them, we'll do it all again (with no increase in price).

After that (assuming credible alternatives are still on the bench) new rounds are $10 each. But you'll never pay more than $39.95 for a final, single image. 

But do check some of the other illustrative examples!