It was a Father-in-Law Gift of Family!!

The GIFT was a renewing of a treasured Family Composite.

So typical of an old relic . . . a perfectly good composite, ravaged by time, light, heat, & humidity. But in simple need of an image-by-image upgrade & mostly CONTRAST refresher.

twocomposites 1000.JPG

Original (faded), left . . . Brightened & Deepened, right.


With one or two exceptions (where we could do an image replacement), most of the images were markedly improved with a contrast bump. As Photoshop is alive and well here.

Roll over the composite above to see the differences.

The lower-left Heroes (Tom & Nanci) . . .  


And as we always say: . . . "One for the safe deposit box!"

You should be remembered in the ways you WANT to be remembered, as even if it takes some extra effort. The fact is, you can control much of this by yourself . . . waaaaay beyond FaceBook!    

Our retouching rates are affordable, especially when multiple images are involved. 

But check some of the other retouching examples!