Digitize, then more of the family can share the Harvest!

Before FACEBOOK . . . :-) . . . so much of a family's history was written in (or put aboard) the Family Bible.

The Digital version of the Bible above reproduced Color MAPS + a family History surprise!

Beautifully detailed maps of Old Jerusalem.

The surprise of the project was this discovery . . . a newspaper clipping of our client's parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. A forgotten clipping that's one of a kind. The kind of thing that (along with the well-loved Family Bible) needed to be instantly scanned & digitally captured forever.

The end piece shows the Bible Spine.

                             The cost of digitizing a Bible ranges from $350 to $950, depending on its complexity. Note that usually just the major GRAPHIC plates, MAPS, and GENEOLOGY records are scanned and sequenced; but the pricing always includes six identical CD Disks. One should be stored in the family safe deposit box.