Give VOICE to your story.

Turns out that YOUR VOICE . . . in picture captions . . . in standalone stories . . . or even in audiobooks . . . may be the single most important resource in the whole harvest.

In digitizing Albums & Scrbapbooks, adding buttoned VOICE captions from those who know the people, places, events, and circumstances often adds the single biggest value. 

We can attach a voice caption to a BUTTON – below a PICTURE – so the viewer can actually READ the caption, or hear you SPEAK it . . . or both!

It's always the owner of the story who knows the people, places, and events at the center of it. So it stands to reason that he or she should be the one to "describe" it. And like written captions, they'll help tell the story for years and years to come . . .

The cost of a voice caption can be as little as $5.95