Adding "Voiced" captions and AUDIO stories can be the most valuable asset of your work. Anyone  can add a string of photos . . . but only VOICE captures this level of story authenticity. 

A music bed punctuated with personal stories elevates your production five or sixfold. You'll see. 

Your family and friends will lean forward and listen even more intently than they will look.

Tracks Display.JPG


Music, speeches and other audio artifacts (we once used a PHONE message) can significantly and surprisingly enhance your work. But truly, in the end – it is the VOICE of the Matriarch or Patriarch that wins the day – and most of the attention.


The cost of adding "Voice" or "Music" or other sounds to your personal production depends on how many tracks you do at once. Recording can cost as little as $19.95 per track – with music included for personal use (as Story productions always are) – costing as much as . . . $1.29!