Digitize, then more of the family can share the Harvest!

Before FACEBOOK . . . :-) . . . so much of a family's history was written in (or put aboard) the Family Bible.

The Digital version of the Bible above reproduced full-color PLATES and MAPS + family GENEALOGY! ! 

Joseph and Mary flee into Egypt.

Ruth and Naomi: And Ruth said: "Intreat me not to leave thee . . . "

Daniel: ". . . and hath shut the lions mouths, that they have not hurt me."


The Ancient World . . . when the Bible was printed in Philadelphia in 1915.

The Sea of Galilee . . . and environs.

An enlargement of the center of Ancient Jerusalem

In the Dotters Bible, custom notations start at the end of the Old Testament.

Several pages of detailed GENEALOGY records were the "find" of the project.

The end piece shows the Bible Spine.

                             The cost of digitizing a Bible ranges from $350 to $950, depending on its complexity. Note that usually just the major GRAPHIC plates, MAPS, and GENEOLOGY records are scanned and sequenced; but the pricing always includes six identical CD Disks. One should be stored in the family safe deposit box.