Send a Birthday Card . . . with a following, animated Web page!

You may have seen other versions of Digital Greeting techniques on other pages. This one (above and below) is a Personal Birthday greeting – to animate your wish.


A One-Two punch . . . a birthday card with a following Web page!

This example will go full screen!

Many Birthday boys and girls are cupcakes . . . and they know who they are!


The RESULT comes in the totally traditional CARD form, above, with envelope. But where the real WOW value comes in the accompanying, tandem WEB page (a custom address you write in the card) – that mirrors your original sentiment.

But you can then EXTEND the original sentiment on the WEB page . . . wherein it AMPLIFIES and deepens – or adds content to – the message on your card. Where the greeting is welcome - but where the WEB address is unexpected . . . and where a deeper message can be in simple text, in an animation, a movie, or even in the sound of your own VOICE!

The cost of doing a tandem CARD & WEB PAGE greeting is less expensive than you might think. A simple, tandem, Birthday wish (with name included) – is less than $25. It’s a little more to include a logo or a face . . . but when doing multiples (see below) much less expensive rates apply.

Your choice here may be to send a tandem greeting to a very special individual (when he or she deserves it!). But a greater VALUE comes in MULTIPLES . . . where special (much less expensive) rates apply for an announcement to a Board of six or to a Hoard of a hundred.

But your tandem Greeting is limited only by your imagination!

For a quote on a more custom card and web design – individual, small business, or corporate – just call or write – and we’ll get back to you . . . usually within 24 hours!

But check some of the other Greeting examples!