Staging elements (including Photos, Slides, Movies & Videos, Music & Audio,
Voice Recording, Memorabilia, & More) usually precede Story Development!

Staging your harvest is not only a practical part of every project; it's a stimulating one, too as it'll get you in touch with key story resources like family photos and movie clips, familiar music or voice recordings.

The stuff from which your memories have been made will also support (hopefully in creative ways) the telling of your stories. We can show you how on these pages.

The keys to Staging are in the planning and digitizing of your story resources, whatever they may be. To really "develop" your stories, one-by-one like beads for a bracelet, you'll need DIGITAL resources. In fact, Most of your own story development from this day forward (not to mention our support to your storytelling projects) will require DIGITAL photos, music, and text. Not just because we're in a digital age, but so the digital age can serve us by encouraging and simpifying the functions of development and sharing as we pass the harvest to future generations.

These functions require DIGITAL resources as a starting point. If you're ready to get started, just click the button below to go to the main Staging Menu. Or scroll down to learn more about the surprising joys of Staging and Personal Archiving.

You've always meant to gather it all together, right? You've been promising yourself for years that one day, some day, you'd gather in and make better sense of all the things you've saved and learned.

This may be your chance your best chance to keep this promise to yourself, literally while there's still time.

You may be willing to go to a little trouble or a lot. As depending on several things -- your patience, your creativity, your planning ability, your quest for a challenge, etc. you may devote a little time or a lot to the prospect of gathering, organizing, telling, and sharing your stories.

We can suggest that like the quality of life itself, the quality of its harvest will increase with the time and attention you pay to it. Best luck on your journey, no matter how near or far it takes you!

For more specific information on sharing your remembrances,
see the pages on this site about CDs, DVDs and Website development.

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