Sharing your harvest of photos and text even movies will almost certainly be done using both printed and electronic formats (including Lifebooks, small-run Minibooks, CDs or DVDs, Websites, iPods, or iPhones).

Sharing your harvest, we predict, may be one of the most satisfying things you'll ever do. But the WAYS you do it may be as varied as the lifestyles of your family and friends. Here's why:

Your family and friends are hoping to see and hear your perspectives and observations in the ways they most prefer. But some are on a computer and some are not. Some are using iPods and iPhones. Others don't use ANY of those things but they have a TV! Still others might rather read a BOOK or see an ALBUM of your work. Which is why Story of my Life sharing addresses all of these alternatives. And more.

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How you share your harvest will most depend on the people with whom you intend to share it. And on the types of MEDIA to which they have regular access.

The very best, most interactive, high-resolution photos, sounds, and movies can be delivered in the highest quality when they're computer delivered. This is true mainly because the resolution quality of computer-driven monitors still vastly exceeds the resolution quality of TV signal-driven monitors. In addition, the sophistication of computer software allows a greater level of interactivity.

Sharing solutions: CDs, DVDs, and Websites for family and friends who have regular access to a computer.

The next best electronic sharing delivery system is the home TV whether regular or high-definition. It doesn't offer the image clarity or interactivity of a computer, but for convenience, a TV is the next best thing.

Sharing solution: DVDs only for family and friends who don't have computer access, but who have a TV instead. Just be sure the TV has a DVD player and you're in business.

For those without EITHER a computer or a TV or who simply prefer printed, non-electronic media, there are several small-run alternatives.

Sharing Solutions: physical PRINTED media like albums, scrapbooks, Lifebooks, and small-run publishing. Hard or soft cover Minibooks can reproduce photos and text beautifully for those who prefer physical, printed media.

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