First, to stop the constant degradation of photos from light and humidity. Second, because digital photos and images can be used in more creative ways to support your stories. Finally, because digital photos and images can be more easily, more economically and more liberally shared.
Because slides are deteriorating, too – even if you have them stored in circular Carousel racks. Professional slide scanning can stop the degradation and provide a new dimension to your storytelling support. But a conventional flat-bed scanner isn't enough. Slides need to be individually scanned using a professional-grade slide scanner.
Home movies may be your main source of family action and sound. You can stop this degradation, too, and in the process, do the editing you know you need to do to capture the essence of your memories – in a way (a digital way) that can be menu driven and easily shared.
You can avoid digitizing at least part of your collection, to the extent that it's available digitally from Apple's iTunes and other online sources. But if you have old 45s, 78s, and LP records that convey "your song" or other key arrangements unavailable elsewhere, digitizing is the best way to preserve and share these memories.
We all take family voices way too much for granted, and often don't even THINK about recording them until the opportunity is gone. Please don't make that mistake! For posterity down the road, if not for story support in the present, record your individual family voices now. The someday you should do it should be today.
In any number of ways. Hobbies and Collections should be captured (and cataloged) too, because so often, no one but the hobbiest or collector knows the source, value, or significance of most of the collection. The bigger the collection, the more important it is to create a good digital record that can be shared with friends and family.

Story "development" could be as simple as adding captions to your best pictures. Or it could be planning a DVD to distribute to your family. Or it could be building a website to share your stories with the world!
We suggest the Lifebook because it's fundamentally a planning checklist. With 45 "Chapters" and thousands of "prompts" – it could unblock any writer's block. We also suggest that a few minutes with a pencil and a yellow tablet could be an even faster, "right-now" place to start.
Absolutely. Scrapbooks always were –and always will be – a great repository of family lore and history. But physical scrapbooks have an immediate disadvantage, as by their nature, they're one of a kind. It's why you might consider doing a digital version – that can be menu-driven, interactive, and easily duplicated.
Again, there's only one original. But by capturing the pages of your physical scrapbooks digitally, page by page, you can add captions, titles, sounds, selective blowups of key pictures, animation – even home movie clips. We can help you bring your scrapbooks to LIFE – so you can have one for every member of the family!

The first consideration is whether your remembrances are mostly TEXT-based or IMAGE-based. If written text is king, consider small-run publishing. If your stories are told mostly in pictures, then you can do conventional small-run publishing or use more interactive media that can be conveyed on a CD, on a DVD, or on a website.
You bet. And this should be your plan. We can walk you through the process of designing and publishing small-run or print-on-demand books – in black & white or in color – soft-bound, perfect-bound or hard-bound. Think in terms of publishing one for every member of the family – and one for your safe deposit box!
If your family and friends are scattered all over, the very BEST way to share your life in pictures and in text is via an interactive, menu-driven website. Anyone who has an internet connection and a browser (anywhere in the world) can see it any time of day or night! And if you want, you can update it yourself every day or night!
You'll want to convey the goods on a CD for your computer friends – and on a DVD for your friends who DON'T do computers, but who have a TV. If it's just raw content storage you want – a DVD is also accessible by computer, and it holds about 7 times the content of a standard CD.
The question isn't what you'd do with an iPod or an iPhone, but what your kids or grandkids might do with it . . . as now movies, clips and sound can play on iPods, and websites play on iPhones. Remember that the objective is to tell at least some of your stories in media the younger generations already know, embrace, and understand. We'll help you. Let's get your stories into digital form. They'll download it, see it, hear it, and "get" it.

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