You found Milestones!

A FAST and CUSTOM way to make a memory, a birthday or an anniversary greeting your recipients will never forget!

Decide whether your milestone greeting wants to be A) a printed card; B) an electronic card (sent in E-Mail); or C) an electronic card (delivered on a DISK). Numbers come in many forms starting at $19.95.

1. Pick a number any number. 2. Choose a greeting 3. Call us at 805/252-4970, tell us your delivery date, and ask for an estimate. It's that simple. If a more custom greeting is what you have in mind add a PHOTO, a custom SOUND or MUSIC. And a custom sentiment (in text) of your own.

4. We also do fast-turnaround sets of party invitations and individual place cards (minimum 12), but check with us on pricing and delivery.

5. See our SHIPPING page for especially fast turnarounds, and see below for ideas, work samples, and some of our standard number STYLE alternatives:

Truly custom, PERSONAL greetings can really MAKE a lasting memory
and there are so many ways to DO it! . . .

Among the most inexpensive styles is a standard NUMBER with a name as in the 50th Anniversary sentiment above.
Totally CUSTOM sentiments are more expensive, but they may be JUST the thing for certain occasions.

The power of personalization and customization can be better understood when you realize that
the recipient of the sentiments above and below has a truly impressive frog collection.

A milestone worth remembering and honoring.

Because numbers with embedded photos can leverage the value of some of the best memories you've
already captured they can be powerful and personal ways to revere important milestones.

Some written numbers work well, too!

Ask for our top-secret Steeler fan discount!

Noticeably, most really good numbers start with just the right two.

Everyone you've ever known was nine once . . . or will be soon!

Here was another milestone worth remembering!

It's amazing what can be done in a milestone remembrance from a single photograph!

It helps to start with a great photograph! Below are a few of our standard number STYLES!
Starting with Beachball, Silver, Blue, and Gold.

Helping bring in the most important Harvest of Life!

For cost estimates & shipping
call 805/963-7836, 805/252-4970 or E-Mail