You found Maps!

Memories are always "local' memories . . . tied to a LOCALE!

ANY of YOUR locales can be made into memories with MAPS a particular sequence we've devised to take you from space to home (or to any other locale) in 8 "steps." While they whiz by almost in stepped animation at the click of a button, you can go back and individually investigator each map to gain a clear understanding of the territory around each location. You'll find the "nav" below at the bottom left of every screen.

Here's how it works. The World to your Home (or birthplace, or school,
or vacation home, or current location) in eight easy steps . . .

Note that you really don't ALWAYS gave to use a red "X" to mark the spot.
In this sequence, every individual location was represented by different chocolates in a box (a la Forest Gump: where
"Life is like a box of chocolates"), and since this was a NAVY-associated location, the "chocolate" is the Navy Logo:

The position of the "chocolate" on the map suggests Alton is in ILLINOIS!

We're finally HOME!

Note that this "location" sets the stage for photos, sounds, clips, etc.
. . . that you associate with this location. Here are three examples . . .

Below is what can happen when you gather your locations
into a single Harvest "Menu."

The Menu above is used to navigate to all 17 locations in the project.

While your life or project may not need so many different locations and while
you may use a whole different set of ICONS to represent your locations,
a Map-oriented MENU system can act as a logical "portal" to the photos,
memorabilia, and other artifacts that represent your Harvest.

See the bonus (Fly in) Map below.

Click the triangle on the lower left to see a "Fly in" to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The fly-in map can be used for any location.

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