Story Development includes Planning Timelines, Lifebooks, Home Movies
& Videos, Music & Audio, Photos, Albums, Scrapbooks, & More.

You've come to the CREATIVE side of your storytelling project. This is where your ideas soar, and where your memories and perspectives and observations get to come alive.

Remember that NO one knows your life and times better than you do as you (and you alone) are the foremost expert on your life. Only you can tell it best.

Story Development is where all the digital resources come together the photographs and documents, the awards, hobbies, interests, memorabilia, and other linking objects that in composite tell your story.

You'll tend to follow a development course that's consistent with your personal style. That is, if you're comfortable in writing, you'll tell mainly text-based stories supported by assorted photos and other graphic resources. If you consider yourself to be a more visual person, you'll tell more visual stories using photos and graphics and maybe even sounds and movie clips with TEXT in support, and most information in CAPTIONS.

There are many, many possible variations in between and with an almost limitless array of SOUND and MOVIE and ANIMATION support, added to good DESIGN, and some of the most technologically advanced story treatment abilities on the planet. Making the digital world is your creative oyster.
Creative and technical support is our business, and our work ethic is our stock in trade. We're on budget and on time. Our attention to detail is absolute. If we say we can do it, it will be done. If we can't help you with a story project in the time available, we'll say so right up front.

We'll give you a development and approval Checklists for the production of nearly everything we do and a direct-line to a responsible Project Manager who can stay on your project with you until the work is completed.

Please review our development services, and if you have any questions, just ask.

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