This page is intended to get you in touch with most of the staging, development, and sharing costs you'll most want to know. Please download the PDFs you feel are most appropriate to the support of your project.

Page 1 above includes costing on the scanning and digitizing of photography, slides, home movies, tapes, and audio files, all in several formats. Click the button to download the page.

Page 2 above includes the costing of digital photography to finish the Staging area; and Lifebook information as a beginning approach to the planning of Story Development.

Page 3 above includes the costing of creative support services for the objectives of producing a series of CDs, DVDs, or a Personal Website.

Page 4 above includes the costing of packages for the creative development of 5, 10, 15, and 20-page Personal Websites.

Page 5 above includes the costing of sharing alternative CD & DVD duplication and packaging, as well as short-to-long-term website hosting.

Project Development Checklists are available for the asking for General Storytelling
and for several categories of Print, CD, DVD, and Website sharing.
Just ask your Project Manager for the appropriate Checklist.

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