Story of my Life™ is a division of Day One (Marketing from Day One) – a 35-year-old marketing and advertising firm founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 1976 and (since 1980) based at 206 East Victoria Street, just around the corner from the Courthouse.

Day One is the company behind our years of graphic, strategic, interactive, website design, tribute, and memorial support.

Our penchant for history and remembrance has to do with several factors, starting with our Fathers (see below); continuing through years of personal interviews with prominent area business leaders for a local bank; the development of a hundred and fifty tributes to men lost in World War II, and the development of memorial remembrances and websites for family, friends, and clients.

These have been uplifting experiences, all – engendering a company style of dedication, integrity, and absolute commitment to every client mission. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we bring sensitivity and caring to the subjects of personal remembrance and storytelling. We work hard to combine high levels of applied technology, planning, interactive design and other creative and production skills with the disciplines of advocacy-based, multi-generational communication.

Our work here (which isn't work to us) is aimed at the storytelling spirit that exists somewhere in all of us and is dedicated to the lives and service of all Americans who won our freedom at high personal cost; especially 1LT John Silas Sheffield Peirson and 1LT Selby Ansel Dotters, Jr.

1LT John Peirson was killed in action on Christmas Day, 1944, taking a hill on the Northern shoulder of the Belgian Bulge. For more about 1LT Peirson, Click Here!

1LT Selby Ansel Dotters flew 74 missions as a B-25 pilot in the Philippines, and survived the war, returning to California to raise his family. For more about 1LT Dotters, Click Here!
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