The advantages of going digital are legion . . . but one of the GREATEST is that once images are scanned (& digitized), they're "captured" in a medium that won't further degrade.

Albums and scrapbooks -- exposed to light and humidity -- will fade and degrade just like those prized, one-of-a-kind images you keep on the mantle and side table. But once captured digitally, not only will they never fade, but many good things become suddenly possible.

Here's one of the most obvious possibilities -- as what doesn't usually occur to us is that photo albums and scrapbooks are most often creatively limited to the size and cropping of the analog, photographic prints that come back from the drug store -- or from Kodak. So the display of one-size prints is limited to whatever size the prints happen to be.

Once scanned, however (especially when they're scanned in high resolution)-- your images can display in ANY size or cropping or framing style . . . so the BEST prints on each page can be larger, and the secondary prints can "recede." All can be framed, or bordered, or beveled, or shadowed -- and overlayed to complete a more creative and a more pleasing style.

This may be exactly the right time to repair folded or damaged or simply faded images. We can easily remove unnecessary distractions -- like grease spots from a driveway, unnecessary wall sockets, cords and wires that show up in just the wrong places -- and plants that you find growing unceremoniously out of the top of somebody's head.

We're especially adept at some of the more exotic retouching tricks. Content can be more easily removed than fabricated from scratch. Still -- in group shots (and this happens so often) when almost everyone is perfect -- but one person blinks -- we can replace a head in one shot with a better (or non-blinking) head from another shot. This works best when you've had the presence of mind to shoot more than one shot of a group!

But ask to see our portfolio of retouching oddities, as you may never believe your eyes again!

Original "analog" album and scrapbook spreads just "sit" there -- and are basically static. Digital albums can be navigated by left-right arrows. Spreads and other content can be "menu" driven (click a thumbnail and go to a specific page or spread). Animations can be added -- simulating page turning. Captions . . . even photo enlargements can be disclosed (then sent away) at the click of a button. These enhancements (available only in digital renditions) can significantly advance, modernize, and enrich the viewing experience.

Here's a list of just a few of the many advantages of "going digital" . . .

Pictures are wonderful to have and keep . . . but one addition can double or triple the value of your memories: describe the people, places, events, and sentiments in your own VOICE! -- or in the voice of the person or persons most central to the album or events involved.

Voiced captions can be used even when text captions are present -- and can significantly add not only to the detail but to the emotional "connection" as well -- in ways that add tremendous sentimental value to the work.

Typically, we can record (or you can record) a sound bite for each page or spread in your album or scrapbook. Then we'll put the sounds aboard page by page (or one for each spread) -- and you can "play" the voice captions -- or music -- or sound effects -- at the click of a button.

The best part of going digital is making copies. Not just passive, static copies, but far more interactive, even sound-aboard copies for everyone in your expanding family.

The album or scrapbook's cover can easily be "mirrored" on the CD face -- so the CD is reminiscent of the original. Disks can contain the work in several different format choices . . . including Keynote (for the Mac) -- and PowerPoint, Quicktime, and PDF formats that can be opened and played on both PCs and MACs!

We can burn as many copies as you might need -- and just to be on the safe side, one for your Safe Deposit Box!

To begin (there's simply no better gift) -- here's how:

Digital Album Costs are as varied as your albums - and depend on the amount of retouching, titling, captioning, and even voicing you might want to use to add richness and interactivity to your digital albums. Simply review the "specs" of your album(s)
as described above. Then . . .
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